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Tire Selection Guidelines & other Religious Faiths


You've got to make a choice; do I want to bomb around at idiotic speeds and corner like a madman, pulling gees on my way to work and lunch every day, or am I a hard-parked slacker, interested only how far I can stretch a tire onto a wheel it was never designed to fit, just to look different, like all the other unique snowflakes at the HellaFlush show?

If you are going for sports application, sell your OEM 19s and get 18 inch wheels immediately. Sport tire selection for the nineteen inch crowd is not only prohibitively expensive, but also pretty limited. Your nineteens look pretty cool on the car, but they will rape you all the way to the bank when you decide you want honest-to-God sports tires.

Eighteen inch tires aren't a whole lot better in the bank-raping aspect, but, every imaginable type of sports tire is available in eighteen inch.

Tire brands - with tires, as with turbochargers and explosives - operate by one rule: you get what you pay for.

If you are street-driven 90% of the time, don't go super-aggressive with crazy soft racing tires; not only will the tires wear down rapidly and get shit for mileage, but you'll never enjoy the benefit of race tires because you'll never get them up to operating temperature on the street. Street performance tires are the best choice for 9/10 cars because they offer grip at normal, everyday street temperatures, reasonble mileage and you don't get the unholy road noise most actual race-compound tires produce.

Brands to look for include Nitto, Toyo, BF Goodrich, Continental, Michelin, Pirelli, so on and so forth. Bear in mind that this is a fairly heavy car at 3000lbs+ even in lightened configuration with everything stripped and lightened - this means the tire you select needs to be hard enough to actually last a while, especially when you are selecting R-Compounds.

That's all the advice you're gonna get from me in selecting tires; spend as much as you can and for the Love of God buy the correct size. Going narrower on width so you can get that stretched look doesn't help you car's performance at all. Decreasing your tire sidewall height always increases the tire's overall strength in load bearing, but at the same time it also increases road noise and decreases comfort.

Go forth, and purchase rubbers.

Driving your BK in the snow!

If at all possible, don't. However if you do, don't skimp on snow tires; being a rear-wheel drive car means you get picked last for snow dodgeball. For snow driving use only Blizzak-brand snow tires, they are the best money can buy. Don't be a moron and try to enter a snow rally or something stupid, you'll just end up ass-first in a snowdrift watching Evos wave at you.

As a final note, if you are new to this hobby, your tires play a tremendously large role in how your car performs - all the engine building and suspension work in the world will not make up for cheap, crappy tires! If you are going to skimp somewhere on your budget, do not skimp on tires!