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Map of the Genesis Community - Forums, Vendors & Suppliers, Teams & Crews


This is a fairly comprehensive map of the Genesis Coupe community - anywhere and everywhere, and every method of socializing, networking, and discussing the car with others to get help, help each other learn about the car, or simply troll the everliving shit out of innocent bystanders. Vendors are included here because a number of them actively engage the Genesis community directly; I am not going to link & index generic distributors like Summit Racing or Vivid Racing because thats like sending you to Wal-Mart; sure they sell parts for the car, but then again you already knew that, didn't you? I hope you did anyway...

Facebook Groups, Forums & Discussion Online

Anywhere on the interwebs you could possibly discuss the car with others, ask for help, or get trolled by morons. Includes brief description of each to point you toward the flavor of morons you're after.

Vendors, Resellers, Developers

Any outfit which directly engages the Genesis Coupe community in developing, importing, reselling, or custom-building/designing products & services for the Genesis Coupe. Includes brief overview with an exclusive
Asshole Rating System to help you shop with the pros!

Genesis Coupe-Specific Teams/Crews/Groups

Any organized & badged (e.g. the team/crew wears a decal/logo) outfit of Genesis Coupes that participate as groups/teams in shows, driving events, cruises, so on and so forth. Includes brief descriptions to outline the specific flavor of each outfit - e.g. whether a team is show-oriented, go-oriented, composed entirely of frame-dragging StanceNation groupies, composed of serial rapists you may wish to avoid, etc.