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Teams & Crews


Around the United States and Canada - which constitute the bulk of activity for Genesis Coupe communities, a handful of Genesis Coupe owners have banded together here and there to form regional crews or branded teams which participate in meets, cruises, shows, or simply community work such as shop days in people's garages. Because some groups are not always on everyone's radar in every channel such as Facebook or a given forum, if I didn't list your team or crew here, please let me know.
Check out real community reviews of Teams and Crews at

Gensport Carolinas was established quite a while back and is a fairly sizable community along the eastern and southeastern coast of the United States; while not strictly speaking an organized "team" that participates in shows or cruises as a team or crew, but the Tail of the Dragon run that occurs bianually always includes a good group of Genesis Coupes wearing this vinyl.

There was at one time a GenSport Carolinas website but at the moment the best you're gonna get is their Facebook page.


The east coast of the US appears to have a loosely organized group of Genesis Coupes that appear at meets/shows under the banner of East Coast KDM, though no website or Facebook group is present (that I can find). This is a drivers-helping-drivers community for socializing and helping people build their cars, primarily.

NWGC is technically a regional group connected solely by the Facebook group, though the group does organize under the banner and have worn vinyls at least in the past, so congratulations everyone you are a TEAM! Despite the best efforts of the weather...

South Florida Genesis Coupe Club is the regional banner under with the bulk of southern Florida participates in shows and organized events. Be warned if this is your neck of the woods you'd best be ready to choke down industrial strength weights of recreational alcohol because these guys spend as much or more time drinking and partying versus time under the hoods of their cars.

Chapter 11 is an organized team of Genesis Coupe owners with the express goal of advancing the car in terms of recognition in the general realm of aftermarket tuning. This means shows, cruises, events, community involvement, the works. Members participate in a multitude of capacities on teams from California to Germany by helping newbies get into the game, getting vendors involved developing parts solutions, and getting exposure for the car.

This team is invitation-only after submitting a membership application, and members must meet minimum show-prep compliance rules before being admitted and participating under the banner of the team.

Chapter 11 is not an exclusive club with secret mafia meetings that is too cool for school - rather it's impetus is for team members to be the driving force in their communities for organizing community events, helping teach newbies with installations, so on and so forth.