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Facebook Groups & Forums


Facebook groups tend to come and go with the weather, every so often a new one pops up when a particular someone gets a cactus up their ass about someone else and decides to take their ball and play with some other kids (read: nobody) somewhere else. There are a few 'secret' FB groups smattered here and there of Genesis Coupe owners, typically someone's attempt at self-aggrandizement but for the most part everything listed here is about all you're going to find.

FB Groups tend to be click-y, with specific crowds trending one to another, and there are a number of people you'll meet in an FB group that you'll never see on a forum, and vice versa.

Active FB Groups as of this writing -

- Hyundai Genesis Coupe Club [Open Group] - One of the older FB groups; with over 2500 members and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, this is arguably one of the largest shooting galleries in the Genesis Coupe crowd. Joining this group means you'll get verbally raped by know-it-alls as well as walking furniture pieces who haven't the slightest notion of what they are talking about - and often don't even own a Genesis Coupe. Discourse here ranges from "check out this awesome car that isn't mine but I posted it and I'm cool (right?)" all the way to "My mother's colon was devoured by a rare and endangered Tasmanian Platypus last night, is it okay if I kill it and cook it into a stew?"

Genesis Coupe Owners [Closed Group] - An older group that was once originated by a former Genesis Coupe owner that is (luckily for you) long-gone. Superbitch on wheels set this one up so those meanies in the other groups wouldn't question her authority, but these days this group is fairly well moderated and a smaller, more tolerable group at around six hundred people.

- Genesis Coupe Parts USA [Closed Group] - A group recently originated by a truly humble man, self-tited "TheGreatest" (no space!!) as his displayed name. Ostensibly the group's reason for existing is solely for users to conduct sale/purchase/trade of parts for the car in a Damascus Bazaar format, with passing hordes of publicans shouting unintelligibly at dark & mysterious vendors who themselves are barely understandable under the din of moronosity. Fairly well moderated but very frequently the best & brightest of the retail side post inane sales pitches written by a preschooler - and every so often you get the requisite fruitbat posting a picture of something he thinks is cool, but is actually made of dogshit. And when you inform him what it's made of, he verbally slits your throat. It's very entertaining.

- GenSport Carolinas [Closed Group] - This group, while titled Carolinas, is the most active regional group for the southeastern Genesis Coupe community. A small FB group with only a hundred and change registered members, the GenSport group is the organizing community for the biannual Tail of the Dragon event which East Coast Genesis Coupe drivers participate in every year, in large numbers.

- South Florida Genesis Coupe Club [Closed Group] - South Florida's FB group that seems to have splintered off the original SFGCC Facebook group, that now appears to be administrated by a Veloster driver (???). South Florida is one of the largest, most active and friendly Genesis Coupe communities in the United States.

- SoCal Genesis Coupe [Closed Group] - A group thats been around since day one of the car, obviously exclusive to Southern California drivers. This doesn't mean, however, that there's not a random smattering of irrelevant windbags from the other coast of the country for no apparent reason; vendors from out of town always try to jump into the regional FB groups to hawk their wares. Fairly small active community at about 200 members, not moderated very much - the most active moderator is a well-intentioned but utterly irrelevant self-styled "vendor" on a mission to convince you he's a tuner. There's a whole lot of gayness that goes on here just as a warning, so don't say I didn't tell you beforehand.

- Northwest Genesis Coupe [Closed Group] - A more recent group, established for the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and western Canada, including British Columbia and so forth. Northwest Genesis Coupe or 'NWGC' is technically a 'crew' as they have worn decals bearing the group acronym, though the most active contributors in the area are either godfathers of the car's past or Chapter 11 team members. Very clean & well-maintained, if quiet & small group, the PNW has been labeled "The Gencoupe Deadzone" by some in the region. Home to yours truly, technically.

- Germany Genesis Coupe [Closed Group] - The established group for the German speaking Genesis Coupe owner. The initial plan of the group was to have the Veloster and the Genesis together but they dropped the Veloster pretty fast and only focused on the Genesis Coupe and have just been too lazy to update the header picture.

*NOTE* There are FB groups for every crew/team and even a few of the forums, which seems awfully redundant but... it's free advertising. The groups above are the major open and regional groups you'll find the most activity and the most contacts to get some traction in the community if you're getting started.

Forums compose much of the core discussion, socialization & organization of the community, as with most cars and other hobbies online, because... well, it's not as gay as Facebook, and people can't instant-message you on the forum and harass or spam you. Generally speaking; AutoGuide/Vertical Scope-owned & operated forums will however spam the everliving shit out of you with ads on top of the already everpresent assholes, but they own the traffic flow for the bulk of nearly every automotive community because they make money off advertising and vendor fees, buddy.

- Hyundai Aftermarket [Indy Forum] - Well-moderated, fairly small/medium sized active community, clean and generally staffed by a decent crowd. The crowd tends to be populated with a sizable share of folks who got tired of the larger AutoGuide forum and it's bustle & bullshit, and successfully started their own party. Definitely populated with excellent resources; they do not charge vendors any fee to sell on the forum, thus scheister vendors will get weeded out here where the paid forums will always protect their monthly paychecks whether they lie cheat or steal from members; that old chestnut.

- Genesis Owners [Owned/Operated Forum] - Operated by the Madison Ross Media Group (whoever the hell that is) this is a small, not very active Genesis Coupe forum that doesn't see a whole lot of activity. The only members here look like Google refugees who didn't scroll all the way down. Not a whole lot of resources here, but a few people still hang out here.

- [Indy Forum] - Originally formed by a bitter jackass who got banned from, this is a very small forum. Under new ownership and management including the elusive internet panda, it's been completely revamped and offers a fresh start to anyone trying to get away from the politics of other Genesis Coupe related forums.

- Hyundai Performance [Owned/Operated Forum] - Operated by Jabba the Hutt ( like half the rest of the car forums on the internet, this place is not only irrelevant and covered in ads, it doesn't seem to have a whole lot of traffic flow. It's also got two Hyundai Accents on the right side of the header which begs the question; what exactly did they mean by "performance"?

- Genesis Forums [Owned/Operated Forum] - One of the oldest and possibly the first Genesis Coupe forum on the web. A little messy for sure, the traffic here has declined somewhat due to Jabba the Hutt and his advertising crew at AutoGuide buying the bulk of the Genesis Coupe traffic through search terms. Still a reasonably healthy community, quite a few people here are also present on other forums due to this forum being on the small side, but there is still a good amount of experience here. Also some shady vendors because they don't seem to get regulated much.

- Genesis Drivers [Indy Forum(?)] - Kind of an outlier, I didn't even know this place existed until I started typing up this page. Very very small forum. Looks pretty irrelevant. Barring a collapse of AutoGuide you're not likely to find much traffic here.

- Hyundai Forums Genesis Coupe Section [Owned/Operated Forum] - Not sure why this thing exists. Nobody uses it. Pretty much... kind of a graveyard. It sees a light amount of traffic but don't expect a resounding answer if you post anything here.

- [AutoGuide/Vertical Scope Operated Forum] - It's the one, the only, the big bad monster of Genesis Coupe forums. It's one of the oldest forums, set up by a Korean driver and eventually left to rot. Due to the domain name it just grabbed more traffic than the rest, and AutoGuide bought it. Since, it's become the single largest forum on the net for the car. Not everyone likes the environment here because vendors are charged exorbitant monthly fees - this wouldn't normally bug a member but what it means is that vendors essentially can do as they please (this includes scamming customers, lying to them in public, verbally assaulting them in ways that would get members banned, etc) without fear of retribution.

AutoGuide is keen on retaining those exorbitant monthly fees. The forum is large and a bit convoluted in terms of navigation. Forum feedback from members is typically going to fall on deaf ears; there are a handful of good guys that attempt to moderate the forum, but given the sheer amount of traffic, dumbshittery is just so rampant the place is nearly impossible to keep in check no matter who operates it.

Good bad or indifferent, this forum is the largest on the net and aside from the largest Facebook groups, it's the fastest way to wade your way into the sea of Genesis Coupe drivers and vendors around the world - but put your boots on, because the bullshit gets exceptionally thick.

- [Indy Forum(?)] - The German version of, though seemily privately owned it's well organized, clean and you guess it, in German! Just like the nation, it's not really English friendly and completely tailored to the unique trimming that Hyundai did for the German market. They have a small forum compared to North America but their ratio of posts to people indicates that they're fairly active. I'm told their DIY section is especially busy, I'll have to take their word for it.