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Build & Modify a Genesis Coupe for Minimum Failure


So you've ostensibly purchased your own Hyundai Genesis Coupe; or, you've leased one, and you've got this ill-conceived notion that it's a good idea to modify it. That's fantastic. Select your engine type above, and be enlightened. Yes, I know, second generation & later models are not necessarily the same engine names/designations, get over it. Just click on which one you have, have a Coke & a smile.

FYI - This guide DOES NOT contain any information regarding exterior body modification, paint, wheels, interior spiffy-ness, stylizing headlights and taillights, rainbow colored lug nuts, things that glow in places that shouldn't, etc. This guide outlines only those things that make the car GO. No, I will not ever add a section for whacktaculous rim setups, and no I will not advise you on how much you can stretch your rubber before it breaks and you end up taking a paternity test. This is a no-frills, how to build your sports car guide. If you'd like to build a Donk or you are a slave to trends, please visit Stance Nation and enjoy being unique like all the other snowflakes.

Genesis Terminology/Slang (so you don't sound like a toolbag when posting your inane comments on a thread you've got no business being in)

- GC: Genesis Coupe. Duh. Come on guys.

- BK: This is the chassis code assigned by Hyundai to your car. Adding a 'I' or 'II' to the end (BKII, BKI) can help identify which generation you own as well. Ergo, 2013 is year one of Generation II. When discussing the car with others will accurately communicate the specific chassis and type of car you have. Always use this when discussing aftermarket part fitment to avoid fuckups.

- ZF: The manufacturer of the automatic transmission you own if you've got a track V6 car. This is a very highly respected manufacturer and your transmission is found in a number of BMW cars as well; be sure you consult ZF's documentation of transmission fluids before you mess with your trans, this thing is a nice piece of gear but it's more sensitive than a highschool chick on a first date.

- Theta: This refers to a family of four cylinder motors. The family of motors is best referred to as World Engine or GEMA, as these are platform names/acronyms given the motor families by the manufacturers involved in their development. GEMA (Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance) was a joint venture between Chrysler, Mitsubishi and Hyundai to facilitate shared development of motors all would use in each other's cars. The 'World Engine' was one of those motors. There are two generations; World Engine Generation 1 is found in the Hyundai Genesis Coupe in a 2.0 Turbocharged format, using variable valve timing, etc etc. so on and so forth. This engine is not the same engine as found in a Mitsubishi Evolution X. At all. Put that thought far from your mind. Shun it. Shit on it. Step away. The Theta is most similar (nearly identical to) the 2.0T World Motor variant found in the Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart. There are very limited parts commonalities between the Mitsu and Hyundai motors. They are discussed in the Motor Internals & Block Building section of the 2.0T guide.

Snoopy Note: The Genesis Coupe technically uses the RSTheta block, this is designed for longitudinal mounting, has different oil channels from the head than its transverse cousins and for all intents and purposes, is a completely different engine. The list of differences is huge so it's not even safe to say it's the same thing found in your buddies Sonata (even the 2.0T version of that is completely different). You can't even use the Sonata head gasket. If you're not going to call it the RSTheta, call it the G4KF or Theta1.5.

- Lambda: This refers to Hyundai's second generation of six cylinder motors, with the first generation showing up in Hyundai Sonatas and Santa Fes, the second newer line of Lambdas power the Genesis Coupe in MPFI (Manifold Port Fuel Injection) and later in the second generation, in GDI (Gasoline, Direct Injection) formats.

- BOV/BPV: If you own a 2.0T, your car uses a bypass valve from the factory to vent and recirculate boost. If you are so wet behind the ears that you have no clue what this part is, and what it does, please click here and for the Love of God read this. It is one of the first mods the common village idiot buys for his turbo car, and he usually thinks it does something. It does precisely dick. The only exception for this is if your car is fitted with a larger-than-stock turbo that produces above-stock boost pressure. In which case it holds the additional boost in so your engine can turn dead dinosaurs into more go-fast. Aside from that it's a fancy Kazoo.

- HMA: Hyundai Motor America; the corporation that buys Hyundai automobiles from Hyundai (Korea) and brings them to North America for resale. No, they do not give two shits about you and your modified car, and no, they are not interested in your feedback on making the car tuner-friendly.

- HMA Service: Hyundai Motor America's service & documentation portal for technicians and owners. If you are reading this, you need to click here to go there, because as you are working on your car this is the absolute Gospel Truth Reference for EVERYTHING on your car - torque specifications for every fastener, specs on all consumable items, disassembly & reassembly procedures (or you can just try and demolish the car on your own, and attempt to reassemble the smashed fragments) etc so on and so forth; GET REGISTERED.

Snoopy Note: As of 2014, this has become a pay to use service for Hyundai.

General Terminology

General slang, terminology relating to cars/tuning is an astronomically broad topic. This is a Genesis-Specific guide. Also, I don't care enough about your well-being to genuinely want to educate you on stuff you should already have learned before you ever got your first set of keys - however, Car and Driver cares more about you than I do, and they've compiled a massive dictionary of automotive terminology - click here to become educated!