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Suspension Main


This section will cover everything necessary to tighten up your car's suspension, so that the chassis can cash all the checks the engine writes. It is strongly advised that if you are new to this hobby, you build your car's suspension up nice and tight first - to where you can make the most of the power your car makes now, before you find yourself slipping around the pavement on a sloppy stock suspension after you dropped a mint into the engine.

Artwork Copyright 2012 Mimi-Na

Sections include:

- Coilovers & Springs - Exactly what it sounds like. Specific suspension setups are not cataloged here, this is parts selection only.
- Sway Bars - Bars that cause the car to stop rolling, and you to start rolling (and begin desiring racing seats)
- Body Braces - Any and all chassis bracing components this includes rollcages.
- Control Arms Etc - Adjustable/performance oriented suspension arms (only read this if you are a dead nuts drift addict)