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yes, I see that error right there, and I don't care

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Post it. Prove it. Ask it. Blast it.

Welcome to the QMF Guide to owning, modifying, and knitting your very own Hyundai Genesis Coupe. This guide has been compiled over roughly four plus years - some corrosive to the soul, some mediocre at best - but all practical knowledge that (like Algebra) may one day save the world.

What do we do here?

- QMF is a build guide specific to the Hyundai Genesis coupe. It is only as good as the reference data used within and the people who provide the data.

"I set a record/figured something out/found a known limitation that isn't in QMF - I read something in QMF that I can prove is wrong!"

Fantastic work, my friend. Post it, prove it, get it printed in QMF. Visit our Facebook Page and give us a piece of your mind. Don't hold back. We're adults.

"I wanna ax you a question about something I wanna do to my car because I don't feel like using Google or WikiPed!"

Outstanding, good thing you asked. Visit our Facebook page, post your question. Any question at all. Hell, we'll even help you figure out how to avoid pregnancy.
Be aware you will get an honest, truthly, data-backed answer, but we can't guarantee your feelings (or your butt) won't get bruised along the way.

"I don't see [aftermarket vendor that I work for] listed in your Vendor directory!11!1!ONE!1!!!"

Post on our Facebook Page and give us a reason why you should be listed there.

"You gave [aftermarket vendor that I work for] a terrible rating in your vendor section! I'm suing for your pants!"

Please click here to send us love letters and cease & desist notices. We will take them very seriously and run them by our experienced Jewish lawyer.

Who... "is" the QMF?

QMF was compiled, organized and written by the cartoon character you see at the top of the page. Not the cute little bunny. Not Bender, either. He's a Fox property, so you can guarantee education isn't something he'll be doing in his spare time. QMF continues to be edited/updated and added to by QM with the help of a team of veteran Genesis Coupe builders, tuners, drivers and otherwise constitutionally irresponsible adults. Our Facebook page is administrated by this team of knowledgeable, expert and politically-correct, feel-good educators.

If we can't point you in the right direction, you're either too dumb to be helped, or you are aiming a wee bit high and looking to put your car into orbit.

QMF is kept online with spare change, gum wrappers and the sale of someone's virginity when necessary. Donations to keep the lights on at QMF are deeply appreciated, and paid back to the community with helpful, detailed, and often insulting & offensive information.

Enjoy your stay!